Reduce Turnover. Retain Your Best People. Keep Your Sanity.

A three part solution to help Human Resource professionals get the leadership support and organizational resources they need to stop high turnover and increase retention.

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The PATH to Real Retention:

Calculate the Real COST

Nothing will change until leadership is painfully aware of just how much high turnover is really costing your organization.

Isolate the Real CAUSE

The next step is to understand WHY it's happening. Only after isolating the root causes for turnover can you begin to fix them.

COURSE Correct for Retention

With buy-in from leadership and clarity about the cause of turnover, you can implement internal behaviors that will help you move from recruiting to retention.

Feel Like You're Fighting an Uphill Battle? Here's Why:

Leadership is Grossly Underestimating the Costs of Losing an Employee

On average, companies are underestimating the REAL cost of turnover by a staggering 85%. Which leads to an erroneous focus on increasing recruitment vs. increasing retention.

85 %
Higher Than Estimated
$150,000 Replacement Cost


$22,500 Retention Cost

Most Companies Don't Realize it Costs 7x More to Recruit / Replace (vs Retain)

According to a recent study, the cost to replace a $60,000 per year employee can reach as high as $150,000, whereas the cost to retain that same employee is closer to $22,500.

Source: JDA Professional Services: Cost of Hiring / Retention (COH)

Want to See How Your Costs Stack Up?

We'll help you calculate the real cost of turnover in your organization using our proprietary cost analysis tool. Based on exhaustive research over every industry vertical, you'll get a customized report specific to your organization.  

Real Results for Real Companies:


gave our staff the skills they need

We have been looking for training that would give our staff the skills they need to empower their own personal and professional growth. It was quickly evident to me that their model was the tool we could use to insure our staff would sustain this commitment to personal and professional development.

Sam Beals , CEO | Samaritas

One of the best things I could've done for my business.

Taking the Conversational Management Training was one of the best things I could've done for my business. I was beyond impressed by the amount of knowledge and information that was shared. The trainers displayed a high level of knowledge and great communication skills! They did a great job of helping us learn how to properly coach our clients toward reaching their goals. I have nothing but good things to say about Real Retention!

Kris Mathis , RDV, Business Coach, Spring GR

better engaged managers

The training and services we received were effective for me, my managers; helping them to improve their relationships with their direct reports. We’re seeing more and better engaged managers; managers that are more comfortable in their own skin, and managers with a much higher capacity.”

Dwight Strayer , Chief Operating Officer | Service Express

Learn More About Any of the Three Keys to Real Retention


You know you're losing too many people too fast, but leadership is insisting you focus on recruitment. Start with our Real COST calculator plus a report template to clearly communicate the real costs to leadership so you can get the support and resources you need.


You've already got buy-in from leadership that never ending recruitment isn't the answer, but you're struggling to pinpoint the exact cause of your people leaving. You can request a free walk through of our proprietary Culture Impact Assessment that uses 29 different indicators to accurately predict the areas where you are most at risk of voluntary quits.


If you know you need help with keeping employees, you can request a free consultation with a RR Conversational Management™ representative. Based on over 55,000 hours of real world application, it uses our unique "Practitioner Perspective" methodology to combine instruction and immediate application.

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